Professional Experience

Code UE : UAMG0D

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In order to validate UAMGOC, students must:
  • Validate all classes of Master 2
  • Complete at least 3 months full-time new professional activity after Master 2 classes, that could be either an Internship or a Job
  • Write a Master thesis and
  • Validate the master thesis oral defense with an overall note of at least 12/20
The Master's thesis analyzes a managerial issue related to the content of the Master's courses. The managerial issue treated will have been proposed by the student and validated by the Academic Head. The student benefits from a double support:
- on the one hand, the student is supervised by a tutor who guides him/her throughout the proffesional thesis and ensures the student's progress in a reactive and proactive manner;
- on the other hand, students benefit from a series of workshops during group sessions supervised by the Academic Heads on the following three points

1. Methodological principles :
  • Accompaniment, advice and recommendations in the elaboration of the thesis
  • Deepening of research and documentation methodology, mobilization of a literature review and project management skills
2. Methodological techniques :
  • Formulate a problematic, master the process of developing the thesis and prepare the oral defense
  • Mobilize the ability to analyze and interpret data:
    • Method of collection and qualitative analysis
    • Method of collection and quantitative analysis
3. Coaching on oral expression in preparation for the defense

Cette UE apparaît dans les diplômes et certificats suivants


Voir le calendrier, le tarif, les conditions d'accessibilité et les modalités d'inscription dans le(s) centre(s) d'enseignement qui propose(nt) cette formation.

Enseignement non programmé s'il s'agit d'un diplôme, d'un certificat ou d'une UE ou enseignement qui ne fait jamais l'objet d'une programmation s'il s'agit d'une UA ou d'une US (le code formation commence alors par UA ou US).