Geology & Geophysics

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Objectifs pédagogiques

Module Outline:
- Earth structure and dynamics
- Fundamental and applied magnetism
- Earth’s gravity field and applications
- Principles of seismic exploration
- Plate tectonics and ocean margins
- Oceanic sedimentation processes
- Seabed sampling techniques
- Oceanographic measurement
- Oceanographic instruments

Compétences visées

Learning Outcomes:
The aim of the course is to convey to those students with the geological processes giving shape to oceanic basins, and in the active geological, geophysical and sedimentological processes in oceanic domains. As such the course aids in preparing the students for a multidisciplinary and polyvalent formation as hydrographer.
Identification, use, application, correspondence, interaction and problem solving of the earth's geology and environmental science


Lecture 1 Marine geology
Introduction to geology.
Explanation of the structure of the earths crust. 
Movement of the earth plates with the formation of deep sea trenches.
Explanation ot the formation of coastlines.
Formation of rocks and other underwater structures.
Lecture 2 Earth’s magnetic field
Details about the magnetic field of the earth.  Movement of the earth poles and explanation about the necessary instruments and ways to observe the earth’s magnetic field.
Lecture 3 Earth’s internal structure
Details of the internal structure of the earth and the influence of this structure to the crust layers.
Lecture 4 Seismic profiling
Describe different ways for seismic profiling and the use of different instruments.
Lecture 5 Geotechnical sampling
Knowledge about the different ways to sample the sea bottom. 
Description of the different sample instruments.
Lecture 6 Deposition and erosion
Formation of the different kinds of sea beds.
Different types of granulates on the seafloor and study of the structure.
Lecture 7 Environnemental impact
The impact of different surveys on the environment.
The protection of marine mammals and the maritime heritage during surveys.

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