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Public, conditions d’accès et prérequis

This course is available to students who are registered on a course at the CNAM and for whom French is not their first language. (International Masters courses taught in English; ERASMUS students registered on a diploma course at the CNAM, migrants and CNAM personnel).

Objectifs pédagogiques

To give students the requisite language skills to complete an internship or period of work experience in France
To help students to fit into their immediate environment (Cnam, Paris, France)

Compétences visées

Levels covered: from complete beginners (A0 in the CECR) to intermediate (B1-B2 in the CECR)
  • All the core language skills are developed, both reception and production, written and oral.
  • You will gain intercultural knowledge and insights into French society


Placement test : Wednesday October 3 from 2 PM to PM
For complete beginners (A0 working towards A1): Thursday evening (5.15-8.15) + 2 hours of distance learning (tutored, asynchronous work) ;
For level A1-A2 (working towards A2-A2+): Thursday evening (5.15-8.15) + 2 hours of distance learning (tutored, asynchronous work) ;
For B1-B2 (working towards B1-B2): Thursday evening (5.15-8.15) + 2 hours of distance learning (tutored, asynchronous work).
Beginning of the course : Thursday 10 October until Thursday 30 January.

Modalité d'évaluation

You must be present for at least 12 of the 15 sessions
You must hand in the weekly coursework
Final end of semester evaluation of the 4 key skills (oral and written, oral and written comprehension) which will result in a certificate stating the level which you have acquired.

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EPN03 - Easy
292 rue Saint-Martin 11-B-2
75141 Paris Cedex 03
Tel :01 40 27 24 81
Adrian Bontour

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