Master of Business Administration (MBA) Manager d'entreprise

Code diplôme/certificat: CPN8100A

60 crédits

Niveau d'entrée

  • Niveau I (bac+5 et plus)

Niveau de sortie

  • Sans niveau spécifique




Code CPF


Associer des qualités de manager d’entreprise à une formation d’ingénieur, de scientifique ou autre est un atout indispensable pour l’exercice de responsabilités managériales au sein de l’entreprise. Tel est l’objectif du MBA « Manager d’Entreprise » enseigné au sein du Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, créé en 1987, en relation étroite avec le secteur l’industrie.

Publics / conditions d'accès

People First! is more than a catch line, it is a way of thinking the MBA experience, and we decline it through at least three specificities:
  • A customizable program with the possibility of switching between full time, part time and blended learning modes; with a choice between 4 minors including one “tailor made” in which students pick up the courses they prefer;
  • A strong commitment to the excellence of the selected students, with a specific goal: the gathering of people from diverse countries, diverse industries, diverse work experiences and levels, diverse ages, diverse genders. We, at Cnam MBA, are very proud to welcome around 20% of international students from all over the world. Sharing cultures, ways of thinking, intense moments of learning and work is fully part of our MBA experience. We provide a rich and diverse context, you make your experience;
  • A different approach to management and business world. With globalization and digitalization, technological, social and cultural evolutions around the world, and especially in Europe, change the way we shall think the relations between business, firms, society and people. Our MBA is dedicated to a more comprehensive, open-minded, stimulating and sense-making perspective on management. Because management is first of all about people, we expect our students and alumni to contribute to a more humanist and socially responsible management.
At Cnam MBA Paris, we expect you the be the designer of your future and provide you with the freedom to create your own program:
  • A list of 15 electives modules providing the possibility to customize your program according to your professional needs and aspirations.
  • The core curriculum involves 13 core courses providing a solid foundation in essential business skills and competencies.
  • The final project (6 credits) is an individual work that turns theory and reflection into real world action. Under the supervision of a professor, students must define and resolve a real business issue from a management or a consulting perspective.
  • Study trips are a special part of the MBA curriculum. Students have to complete two trips in the course of their program:
    • 3 weeks study trip to the USA (CSU in San Bernardino) in August;
    • 3 days study trips in France for Fashion Manage­ment students (organized by ESMOD);
    • 1 week study trip to Bucharest (Bucharest Business School);
The Cnam MBA promotes diversity to achieve a balanced mix of educational and professional backgrounds, age and cultures.
The large number of nationalities (we have welcomed more than 40 different nationalities over the past 10 years) and the increasing number of female participation promote the variety of viewpoints and ideas voiced in discussions.
All this happens in classes of small size, facilitating intensive interactions, as well as the transfer of knowledge and skills.
Admission procedures:
  • Application form in English
  • Interview with the MBA program Director and professors
Application Requirements :
  • Rolling admission (until places fill up).
  • Bachelor’s Degree (in any discipline);
  • 2 recommendation letters (from professional or academic endorsers);
  • 3 years of professional experience;
  • Proficiency in English; (TOEFL IBT: 90 | TOEIC: 800 | IELTS: 6.5)
Titulaires d'un diplôme Bachelor ou équivalent (Bac+4) ayant une expérience professionnelle de 3 ans minimum. Les candidats détenteurs d’une licence (Bac+3) peuvent postuler s’ils justifient d’une expérience professionnelle significative à un niveau cadre via la Validation des Acquis Professionnels (VAP85).
 Condition d'accès supplémentaire :
- Maîtrise de la langue anglaise attestée par la certification TOEFL iBT 90, TOEIC 800 ou IELTS 6.5.
- 2 lettres de recommandation (employeurs, supérieurs hiérarchiques, relations professionnelles...)
Procédure d'admission :
Commission de sélection après examen du dossier de candidature et entretien.


The objectives of the MBA are to:

  • Acquire or consolidate fundamental and practical knowledge in all the management fields as well as in the underlying scientific domains;
  • Understand and anticipate the major stakes of the business environment including the management of complex issues related to ethics corporate social responsibility;
  • Improve curiosity, critical thinking, intellectual autonomy and leadership;
  • Increase critical spirit and autonomy;
  • Increase their readiness to face permanent changes;
  • Develop entrepreneurial spirit.
Le MBA Manager d'entreprise permettre à des professionnels confirmés :
  • d'acquérir une vision à 360° de l'entreprise dans un contexte international
  • de consolider des compétences et des savoir-faire nécessaires à l'exercice de responsabilités managériales
  • de développer des compétences transversales et stratégiques

Mentions officielles

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Inscrit RNCP : Non-inscrit

Codes NSF : Développement des capacités individuelles d organisation (414z) - Domaines du developpement personnel (4) - Sciences économiques et sociales appliquées à l aménagement et au développement, à l administration territoriale, au commerce, aux relations sociales et aux ressources humaines, aux finances (120g)

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Modalités d'évaluation

Students must obtain at least 63 credits required in the curriculum, including 13 core courses, 5 elective courses (preference following a track), 2 study trips and the final project.
Toutes les US et UA doivent être validés.


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The Cnam MBA experience is transformative and unforgettable, from its challenging and stimulating coursework, to its study trips in France and abroad, conferences and guest speakers, competitions and social life.
The CNAM MBA is not just about attending classes; Sterile lecturing is not our approach. it's about fulfilling your calling. Our primary objective at CNAM Paris is to help you reach your potential to the fullest so that you can pursue with confidence the career path that is most fulfilling for you. Instead, we provide coaching, constant challenges and numerous opportunities for both personal and professional growth. This is what inspires us. This is our CREDO: .
  • CREATE your personal development plan
  • REACH new professional horizons
  • ENGAGE in enriching interactions
  • DEVELOP authentic practical insights
  • OWN your learning
- Analyser le contexte politique, économique, social, technologique, environnemental et légal
- Déterminer les opportunités de création ou de développement entrepreneurial
- Définir l'identité de l'entreprise, ses valeurs, la vision et l'ambition stratégique
- Développer une analyse stratégique de l'entreprise
- Définir les moyens à mettre en œuvre pour atteindre les objectifs stratégiques
- Proposer des évolutions et piloter le changement
- Définir et organiser un projet
- Organiser et planifier les opérations
- Développer une politique qualité
- Veiller à l'adéquation et à la performance des SI
- Superviser la mise en œuvre
- Diagnostiquer la situation financière de l'entreprise et celle de son environnement
- Garantir les moyens du développement et allouer les ressources
- Analyser le marché
- Penser l'innovation
- Choisir le positionnement marketing
- Etablir, implémenter et suivre un plan marketing.
- Contribuer à la définition de la politique de ressources humaines
- Manager les personnes et les équipes
- Gérer les conflits
- Gérer les enjeux culturels et éthiques du management des hommes et des organisations


EPN15 Stratégie IIM - MBA
2 rue Conté
75003 Paris
Tel :01 40 27 26 36
Emmanuelle Rochefort

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