Master International Business and Corporate Development

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Anne-Gaelle JOLIVOT


Arrêté du 28 janvier 2019. Accréditation jusque fin 2023-2024.

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This Master’s degree in International Business & Corporate Development is a national degree in line with the standardized European System of higher education and the Master Diploma is delivered under the control of the French Ministry of Higher Education. This Master is part of our international Master programs named "Master in Management" (MIM).  
It is designed around the framework of:
- an Integration week with intercultural integration and team building activities at the beginning of Master 1  (Year 1) and Master 2 (Year 2).
- Master 1 (Year 1) with core curriculum of Management. The Master 1 helps students to understand the rules and practices of an organization as well as the different modalities of its management. The learning outcomes of the first year are then applied in a team-based experience (Integrative Group Project) that enables students to learn by action as required in the professional environment.
- Master 2 (Year 2) with Specialization modules to?????? ?help students to:
  • Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to become an international (business or corporate) developer 
  • Develop a strategic and international mindset
  • Be equipped for a more digital and global job market
  • Engage in sustainability management 
  • Learn by doing with a combination of business simulations, real projects and case studies through a practical approach
  • Practice soft-skills by learning from international peers, international managers and professors who share your passion and  real-life experiences
- A professional experience (Internship/Job)  from 3 to 6 months. The professional experience will complete the Master curriculum and offer an "action learning" opportunity.  
    Admission access:
    Students can apply from Master 1 (for the 2-year program) or directly to Master 2 (for the final-year program). The Master is open to all students with a Bachelor degree, regardless of their previous fields of study. This creates an ambiance of cultural diversity and knowledge sharing during the course: engineers, social scientists, linguists and management students mix together to share their experiences. Whatever your initial background is (degree and professional experience), we truly believe in candidates’ potential and make it our mission to support and guide you to achieve your master’s degree and professional project.
    The Master receives applications all-year- round. It is part of Master in Management Program (MIM) of  Cnam- International Institute of Management (IIM) :
    Download the Application Form at:
    Application Requirements:
    - Bachelor’s Degree & Transcript
    - Proficiency in English (Toefl IBT: 85 | IELTS: 6.0 | Bulats B2/C1 - 4 skills required)
    - Students with Master 1 level are entitled to apply directly to Master 2 depending on the field & duration of Bachelor’s degree and professional experience
    Admission process:
    - Complete application form in English. Download the Application Form at:
    - 2 recommendation letters (from professional or academic endorsers)
    - Interviews with the Admission board


    Build an international expertise and become an international (business or corporate) developer: 
    CEOs and top management teams of corporations/organizations acknowledge that globalization is the most critical challenge they face today. With every industry and product becoming more global, being able to understand and manage internationalization is a crucial determinant for success in the job market. The Master in International Business and Corporate Development addresses all the dimensions of the international development of the enterprises.
    This Master is designed for future global managers who intend to participate in the renewal of international managerial practices, notably by integrating sustainable and digital development, putting globalization in perspective and anticipating the evolution of international companies (geopolitical drivers, new global players, new business models, new missions, etc.). 
    This Master is designed to:

    • Develop students critical thinking as well as practical knowledge through real case studies, feedback from very experienced professionals and a minimum 3 month professional experience. 
    • Provide students with the skills required to manage firms in a challenging globalized, sustainable and digitalized world. Thanks to small dynamic and multicultural classes and courses designed to develop an analytical mindset, a creative and smart problem-solving approach and intercultural-based understanding of management, students will acquire an international expertise and become the ideal candidate for any professional position that involves contributing to corporate (or business unit or project) international development. 

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    Core skills:
    • Ability to operate and negotiate in a multicultural and changing environment. Students will develop interpersonal skills that make it possible to work with different audiences, countries or cultures and to lead international teams.
    • Ability to conduct competitive intelligence by watching and searching for quantitative and qualitative information about the international environment and professional sector in order to anticipate changes (identifying key players, new consumer needs, new markets, etc.)
    • Ability to design an International Development Strategy integrating new capabilities to acquire as part of the international development of a company.
    • Ability to implement International Development Strategy (customs, commodity trading, financing, legal issues and risks coverage).
    • Ability to conduct sustainable and digital development.
    Thanks to the complete curriculum design of the Master in Management (MIM) concept, the Master in International Business and Corporate Development enables also students to:
    • Master the principles and tools for managers of business units or firms with up-to-date international management topics in the real business environment
    • Build a concrete view of the working environment, especially in the specific European business framework with Professional skills development (career management, professional experience)
    • Achieve intercultural and additional competences relying on students’ original degree in sciences or engineering or students’ intercultural experience and engagement.
    • Study and practice skills in the international language of business: English, yet obtain free additional French language classes (different levels) and French culture;
    • Study in downtown Paris, close to main European businesses and headquarters of multinational firms.
    Career opportunities:
    The international developer holds strategic positions in multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises internationally oriented, or international consulting firms. 
    Start a career:
    • In the world of strategy and consulting
    • Work as an intrapreneur who drives change processes in organizations or NGOs
    • Join an established start-up or found your own company in a European or international context
    Since 2011, our alumni have been hired by companies across 4 continents with a large type of positions such as:
    • International Business Developer 
    • Entrepreneur 
    • International Brand Manager
    • Consultant 
    • Project Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Sales & Marketing Manager
    • Logistics & Production Manager
    • Area Manager
    • Financial Controller
    • Senior finance officer
    • Chief legal counsel


    EPN 15 Stratégies - IIM
    2 rue conté
    75003 Paris
    Tel :01 40 27 26 36
    Emmanuelle Rochefort

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