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Anne-Gaelle JOLIVOT

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Master 2 in International Business and Corporate Development (MR13403A)

Objectifs pédagogiques

The course seeks to provide participants with:
  • a general understanding of existing customs rules within the framework of international trade (why do customs rules exist? Which institutions make them? How do they apply? …). Secondly, the course will give to the students practical tools to design and improve the customs strategy of an operator (company) of the international trade.
  • a comprehensive understanding of the principles governing international trade, particularly trading activities in a global environment. This part of the course looks at all aspects of a “trade” from the initial steps of evaluating a trading opportunity all through the conclusion of the transaction, followed by the main principles of execution and risk protection with emphasis on the key step represented by the commercial contract. For reasons of pedagogic simplicity, all illustrations/cases will come from the commodity business and trade finance. This part of the course covers international trade, international trading, commodity markets and their operators, pricing, key documents (contracts, Incoterms).

Compétences visées

Students will learn how to:
  • Understand the international framework of customs rules policy-making.
  • Design and optimize a company’s customs strategy within an international trade environment.
  • Develop the generic business skills required by managers working in the area of international trade, more specifically commodity trading.
  • Develop critical analysis skills and apply them to the challenges arising in international trade from the very first steps leading to a transaction, followed by the necessary steps to ensure contractual execution.
  • Understand how commodities markets operate and acquire the main supply chain methods and tools.


Themes on customs: 
  • Why do customs rules exist?
  • Who make the international customs rules?
  • How do customs rules apply?
  • How to manage a company's customs strategy at the international level?
Themes on trade in a global environment:
  • International uniform custom practices and adaptation to trade evolution
  • Commodities and commodity markets 
  • The commodity contract 
  • International Trade & risks : identifying then mitigating
  • International Trade trends and Compliance 

Modalité d'évaluation

Individual and Group Work, class participation.

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