International finance

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Anne-Gaelle JOLIVOT

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Master in Management MIM M2 major  in International Business and Corporate Development

Objectifs pédagogiques

This course seeks to provide participants with an introduction to International
Finance. It will give students a basic understanding of both market finance and
corporate finance theories and environment, but will more specifically focus on
corporate mergers and acquisitions and company valuation in emerging markets.
· Why should a Moroccan company decide to purchase another company in
Côte d'Ivoire?
· How do you assess the risk of such an investment? How do you assess the
attractiveness of the company you plan to acquire?
· All companies own assets and have employees. Some of them have brands
and/or subsidiaries in different countries. How do you value the purchase
price of such a sophisticated entity?
· When purchasing a company, what kind of mechanisms can be put in place
to solve valuation issues and reduce risks for investors?


Principles of finance : definition of corporate finance and market finance
Corporate Finance Theory
Mergers and acquisitions: why and how?
Valuation 1: how to assess a company' attractiveness and risk?
Valuation 2: Valuation methods in an international context
Types of mechanisms used to solve valuation issues and to reduce agency problems
Zoom on sophisticated investors : private equity funds
Transaction simulation

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    Cnam - IIM - EPN stratégies - Programmes Master in Management (MIM)
    EPN15, 2 rue Conté bureau 31.2.31
    75003 Paris
    Tel :00 33 1 58 80 85 64
    Sophie Le Liboux - Alice de la Pradelle
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