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Master 2 in International Business and Corporate Development

Objectifs pédagogiques

Imagine a Chinese company that signs in Moscow a contract with a German company for a long-term project to be performed in Brazil. This kind of transaction is banal, but it raises a number of legal questions: What law applies to this contract and what courts can settle potential dispute? Assuming the project entails the creation of a legal entity, what would be the best option? A corporation? A partnership? Are legal entities in Germany, Taiwan and Brazil more less the same in the way they are governed, financed, terminated? Do the Corporate Social Responsibility Principles that apply to the German company in its country apply to its Brazilian subsidiary ?
Although globalization and the resultant trend toward convergence in business laws are a reality, laws and regulations continue to vary – often substantially – from one country to another and often within a given country. The course is designed to provide students with an overview of the framework of international business law. The course aims to cover international contracts, the resolution of international commercial disputes, a brief overview of the existing international regulatory bodies in international business and address additional legal issues stemming from the globalization of business.

Compétences visées

Being a global player brings a unique mix of freedom and fear: an infinite range of options, but no safety net. This course is intended to address these issues and to provide the participants with a legal survival kit.


  • International Business Law: What is it and why should we care? The Major Legal Systems in the World. Market Access Strategies from a Legal Perspective
  • Regulatory Environment of International Trade and Commerce: WTO EU, Other Regional Trade Organizations BITs and Other Investment Agreements, UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT, The Hague Conference.
  • Basic Contract Principles : The Elements of a Contract, Performance, Breach of Contract and Damages UNIDROIT Principles of Commercial Contracts
  • International Sales Law: International Sales Agreements The CISG
  • International Trade Terms and Documents: Incoterms/Transporation Letters of Credit
  • Intellectual Property Rights & Licensing Agreements: Types of Intellectual Property, Licensing Agreements
  • What Happens When Things Don’t Go As Planned?: International Commercial Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, International Litigation,  ADR, Forum Selection and Choice of Law Clauses
  • Anti-Corruption Legislation: Basic Principles, OECD Convention, Extra-territorial application of Domestic Legislation

Modalité d'évaluation

In - Class participation and Group Exercises.

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