French Language (Français langue étrangère)

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Master in Management MIM M1 & M2 Groups: To whom French is not fluent

Objectifs pédagogiques

The official language of the CNAM-IIM MiM is English. However, acquiring a good level of French language is a plus for future career development.
Students enrolled in the CNAM-IIM MiM program will have a French course during the whole first year.
A test of evaluation at the beginning of the second year will help dividing students into 3 groups of different levels of understanding and using French (basic, intermediate, advanced groups).
This course is not a simple workshop of practicing oral French language. Depending on the level, it could vary from daily to specialized French (sociology, economy, French news) that help foreign students to adapt well to French social and business life.


- Allow students to acquire the means to participate into daily oral interactions on simple subjects.
- Allow students to acquire the bases of the French grammar so as to possess a real working autonomy in their acquisition of French.
- Allow students to acquire a multi-category-specific lexical base facilitating their understanding and their work in French.
- Allow students to be able to obtain the official certificate of French as DELF, DALF

Cette UE apparaît dans les diplômes et certificats suivants


Cnam - IIM - EPN stratégies - Programmes Master in Management (MIM)
EPN15, 2 rue Conté bureau 31.2.31
75003 Paris
Tel :00 33 1 58 80 85 64
Sophie Le Liboux - Alice de la Pradelle

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